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Walk In The Park, Mobile no.2 (B)

$325.00 / Sold Out

Wooden hand turned mobile made in New Zealand.

This mobile comprises of 5 separate wooden shapes arranged and strung together to create a hanging sculpture.

The approximate length from top of the arc to the lowest ball is 63.5cm.
Arc - Kahikatea, width 28cm
Horizontal Rod - Eucalyptus, width 16.5cm
Donut shape - Rewa Rewa, diameter 14cm
Flat disk - River Matai, diameter 9.5cm
Ball (sphere) - Kauri, diameter 7.5cm

Wood has been treated with premium danish oil and sourced from renewable plantation grown trees.
Mobile is strung to hang on a generous length of hemp twine.

Artist statement:
"We are making our products in a tiny woodturning studio in Titirangi, Auckland. I, Sam, am making and designing all the wooden products. Jiho, my wife, is photographing, packaging and sometimes contributing to designs as well. Those mobiles actually came from Jiho’s hand drawings and I just turn them into real products. We are doing all the processes by our hands and trying to make it eco-friendly, local supported and with all natural products. Sometimes, the pieces can vary in size and shape because we use lots of different sizes and conditions of wood that is mostly sourced from local small suppliers as well as they are all handmade."