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BEST WISHES is a place where you will find special and functional items for your home and bookshelf.

We believe in supporting independent artisans and value handmade and traditional techniques of production. We have put much thought into the objects we choose to sell and the makers we have collaborated with for our own products. The sincerity of materials, as well as the integrity of making, are values that we seek to reflect in our work and the stock choices we make.

BEST WISHES is based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Hohepa Candles 

Our custom BEST WISHES Apple and Pear candles have been made for us by the lovely people at Hohepa Candles in Hawkes Bay, NZ.  Hohepa Candles is a part of Hohepa Homes. 

"A disability service provider, catering for special needs children, and adults with an intellectual disability, where respect, personal development and caring go hand-in-hand. 

Through living and working in community life, people with a disability will grow to experience satisfying lives with as much independence as possible. Curative education, social therapy, a rich cultural life and biodynamic land-use combine to make Hohepa unique in the way it encourages the development of body, soul and spirit for all."

Women Weave

Our custom handwoven organic cotton towels are made by Women Weave, a charitable trust based in India.

"WomenWeave has supported the role of women in handloom weaving since its inception in 2002, working toward making handloom a profitable, fulfilling, sustainable and dignified income-earning activity particularly for women in rural areas of India.

Through the Gudi Mudi Khadi Project, WomenWeave links organic and non-organic cotton farmers of Central India with formerly unemployed local women of Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh to create unique, contemporary khadi textiles for fashion products and home furnishings. The fabrics are handspun, hand-woven and much of it is naturally dyed with earth-friendly processes. The objective of this linkage is to ensure sustainable income and better lives for the weavers in the area in spinning and hand weaving of the local cotton. "

The towels that Women Weave make for BEST WISHES are 100% organic cotton and dyed with natural pigments using "BIODYE".