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BIỂN, Fifi Sunhat, Oatmeal

$150.00 / Sold Out

The Fifi Sun Hat is a large brimmed sunhat cut from a mid weight Cotton/Linen blend - which will soften with wear over time.

There is a layer of medium weight fusing in the brim to give the hat a balance of structure and floppiness. The Fifi also features large neck shades that can be worn multiple ways (tied under the chin, behind the hair, or left as is).

An excellent hat for sunny but windy climates. Can be folded and stored in your bag.

Made in Australia, 55% Linen 45% Cotton /Natural Oatmeal colour.

*The Biên Fifi hate now comes sized, we sell the size M-L which is made for a circumference of 58-60cm, however also fits smaller sizes well as you can use the ties for an optimal fit.