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Bruno Munari - The Tactile Workshops

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"Do not touch! How many times do children feel repeating this imposition. Nobody would ever say: do not look, do not listen, but it seems that the feel is different, many think that it can be done without it ..."

This educational little volume documents Bruno Munari's famed Tactile Workshops, in which the legendary Italian artist and designer worked with children to creatively explore the sense of touch, texture and tactility. It is an inspirational resource for parents, teachers, tutors and caregivers alike.

Bruno Munari (1907-1998) was an Italian artist, designer and inventor.

"Since his very first experiences in the 30s among the artists of the Second Futurism, he always dedicated his creative activity to every form of “experimentation”, with a particular attention to the world of children and their games and toys. Never separating content from form and materials, what he designed were at once books, book-objects and games that would make us think."

64 pages, Softcover
14.5 x 21.0 cm
English text