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Daily Practice, Johanna Tagada


The notion of daily practice represents the guiding theme of this book. Featuring one hundred and eleven individual artworks gathered around eight themes, it introduces the artistic practice of French-born artist Johanna Tagada. The publication presents the versatile nature of Johanna Tagada’s work, which encompasses a broad range of techniques, materials, and media including figurative and non-figurative drawings and paintings, collage, textile work and sculpture.

144 pages, hardcover
127× 186×12mm
Edition of 1000 copies
Handwritten note by the artist

Published by InOtherWords
Designed by OK-RM
ISBN 978-0-9932238-7-7

Johanna Tagada is a painter and interdisciplinary artist based in London. Her practice encompasses painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, film, photography and writing. It often conceals ecological messages, rendered in soft and delicate methods. In several of the artist’s projects interaction with the environment and others plays a central role. In 2014, Johanna founded Poetic Pastel in order to help restore respect for and appreciation of nature. In 2018 she co-founded the publication series Journal du Thé.