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Duncan Shearer, Tea Bowl, 1

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Tea bowl, wheel-thrown and wood-fired with a soda glaze, made in a traditional form to be held with two hands.
Each tea bowl is a one-off unique item

Red-brown terracotta colours with pale grey/green speckling throughout and gentle grooves on the outer surface, pale duck egg blue glaze on the inside of the cup.

Height: approx. 7.5cm high with a rim diameter of 10.5cm

Duncan Shearer specialises in wood-fired, soda-glazed pottery using traditional techniques. He lives and works in Karangahake Gorge where he uses his vast knowledge to teach with his partner and fellow potter Charade Honey, he also consults on a range of pottery subjects including kiln construction.

"Currently, most of my work begins life on the wheel, but that’s just the start of the making process. I often add, subtract and alter the initial round forms, looking for a liveliness and freshness that will remain through the whole making process.
I use a wood kiln to fire my work as it provides the richest surfaces that compliment my forms. The physical nature of this firing process and its inherent unpredictability give my work freshness and a decorating touch that speaks about process."