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Gara-bou Organic Cotton Sock, Ankle Length, Indigo Yarn

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Ankle length thick sock in a mix of natural cotton and naturally Indigo dyed blue.
95% Recycled Cotton 3% Nylon 2% Polyester.
Made in Japan.

Size conversion:
22-24cm approx. EU 35-38 / US 5-7
25-27cm approx. EU 39-43/ US 8-10

This is a natural colour, dyed only with natural pigment and using a traditional dyeing technique. The colour comes from a process of fermentation using indigo, a kind of Polygonaceae and adding lye and sake. After that, the colour is developed by air mordanting.

Gara-bou Socks are made using a throstle-spun yarn from recycled organic cotton scraps, resulting in a rich, hand-spun texture. The raw material is carefully selected cotton waste from internationally certified organic cotton which is not processed with softeners or other chemicals during the yarn-making process. Gara-bou (throstle frame) is a spinning method invented in 1876, in Japan, it was created in a time when textiles were at a premium, to recycle fibre waste such as lint as yarn.

Gara-bou spinning materials cannot be knitted with a normal knitting machine because of the uneven thickness. This sock has been made on a remodelled 60-year-old sock knitting machine, it is a technique unique to Yamaya sock factory.