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Ikat Weave Table Cloth, Pine Green Grid

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A medium-weight tablecloth in a beautiful ikat woven grid pattern.
Ikat is a traditional dyeing technique that uses resist dyeing on yarns prior to dyeing and handweaving the fabric. The pattern is produced from the weave and dye rather than being applied to the fabric after weaving.

This is a multipurpose cloth ideal for using a tablecloth, picnic cloth or as a throw/furniture cover.

Each table cloth is made and finished by hand and this is reflected in small variations between cloths.

Handwoven from 100% unbleached cotton, with a pine green dyed pattern.
145cm x 215cm

COLD wash separately on a short cycle or handwash and hang to dry.
This is a handmade item, some detergents and variables in mineral content of water may cause the colour to run a little, please use a mild natural soap or detergent. A presoak before the first wash in a bucket of water with 1 cup of vinegar + 1/4 cup of table salt for 24 hours may help with this, after soaking please let dry completely then wash as per instructions.

Made in India