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Jaime Jenkins -Ceramic Bell, Woodfired, Large, 1

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A handmade pinch shaped stoneware ceramic bell with ceramic clapper.

"These bells were fired in one of the old kilns at Driving Creek Potteries. We did a soda firing which is when you pull out a brick from the wall and tip soda (salt) periodically into the kiln and once it is near 1300degrees. The heat circulates it around the kiln with the ash from the wood being burned and coats the surface of the pots creating a glaze where it lands".

Shades of pale greenish grey with brown,grey and a few tiny blue speckles in areas.
Height: approx. 10cm
Diameter of bell at base: approx. 6.5cm
Each bell has its own tone.

Jaime Jenkins is a Mt Maunganui based maker, her spontaneous and sensitive approach to form and finish makes each piece wholly unique.

"All my work is stoneware, I make all my own glazes and every firing will experiment with new ones. I use a mouth blown atomiser to spray the glazes on slowly layering the glazes. Every kiln opening has new surprises."