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Jaime Jenkins, Square Vase


A handmade cube vase with trapezoid shaped sides, made using slab building methods,

Light blue with brown speckles throughout.
Height: 11cm high
Width at base: 8cm square
Width of vase at widest part: 10cm square
Width of lip of vase: 8cm square

Jaime Jenkins is a Mt Maunganui based maker, her spontaneous and sensitive approach to form and finish makes each piece wholly unique.

"All my work is stoneware, I use a mix of clays including clay dug from a friends bank and also I mix river sand I’ve collected from various favourite water holes or camp spots I visit over the summer months. I make all my own glazes and every firing will experiment with new ones. I use a mouth-blown atomiser to spray the glazes on slowly layering the glazes. Every kiln opening has new surprises."