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KLAY, Bolster, Brick Red, Cotton

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The KLAY bolster cushions are structured and firm, due to their five handcrafted layers. Inside, the first three layers are built up to sculpt the bolster shape that is firm, but soft to the touch. An inner foam tube is wrapped in wadding, enclosed with batting before, inserted into a calico cover, and hand stitched closed.

Kirsty's methodical handwork ensures a beautiful, handcrafted product. The covers are made from either velvets or linens, are removable and have a colour matched 40cm YKK invisible zip.

A brick red colour upholstery grade cotton with a linear texture reminiscent of corduroy.
Diameter: 20cm. Length: 43cm. Weight: 785 grams

Made in New Zealand by Kirsty McLay.