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Milking Stool, Poplar and Willow


Small three-legged milking stool, made from untreated poplar and willow. The legs are made from an unlathed round wood with the bark peeled off. A useful and practical size -great as a side table, or as a child's stool for sitting on. Please be aware that due to the size and design of these, they are best used for sitting on or as a small furniture item, they are not suited to standing on.

Each stool is unique and there is a wide variance in the exact size and shape of each stool top, however, they are all made in the same style. The height of all stools is approximately the same at about 28.5cm high.

The following measurements are approximate as there is a difference of 1-2cm between some tops. Your stool will be chosen at random.

Seat top between 24-27cm. diameter.
Made in Golden Bay by Tony Hitchcock, The Trug Maker