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ÖkoNorm, Pro Coll, all-purpose paper glue


Pro Coll is an office glue for paper, cardboard and other fibrous materials. Odorless and transparent. Starch-based, free from organic solvents and other toxic substances. Contains food-grade preservatives. Water-soluble and washable.

Age: 3+
Ingredients: A mixture of glucose sacharides, sucrose, water, vegetable glycerol DAB E422. Conservator: Phenoxyethanol.
The glue is free from gluten, free from formaldehyde and contain no VOC.

Made in Germany by Ökonorm.
Conforms to EU safety regulations for toys and carries the CE mark.

*Please note the label on these bottles is made from paper, this stock arrived with some minor damage to the labels, eg, ink has rubbed off in some areas of the labels. This does not affect the product inside the bottle.