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ÖkoNorm, Set of Felt Tips with Magic Pen

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A set of 9 Felt tips with a colour changing magic pen. Original colour of the magic markers can be changed by the colour-changing marker (cap colours indicate the colour to expect). The colour-changing marker can also be used as secret inks, which only become visible after being painted over with the magic markers.
Made with water-based inks with a faint odour. The dry-out rate is approx. 5 % per month. Free from formaldehyde and other harmful substances. The pH is ca. 6.
All ingredients comply with the requirements of Euro Norm EN71, Part 3. The specially designed tip cannot slip inside the pen or bend under pressure

Age: 3+
Ingredients: The water-based inks contain glycerine, liquid vaseline, and nontoxic colour pigments. Euro Norm EN 71/9, American Norm ASTM D 4236.

Made in Germany by Ökonorm.
Conforms to EU safety regulations for toys and carries the CE mark.