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Rop van Mierlo - Wild Animals


Wild Animals
Rop van Mierlo, 2010

Wild Animals by Dutch artist and designer Rop van Mierlo is a collection of fun and visually stimulating abstract paintings of animals. Created using a wet-on-wet painting style, Van Mierlos’s amorphous, fuzzy renderings of wild and domesticated creatures can be appreciated by audiences of all ages. This book sits somewhere between the position of artist and the children's book.

About Rop van Mierlo: "He is a man. He is fascinated by people, the human condition, and its strange consequences. He once had a dog that bit off the tip of his ear."

Hardcover, 32 pages
23 x 32 cm, colour offset
Fourth edition 2017
Winner Dutch Design Awards 2011, category 'Best graphic design'

ISBN: 978-90-816122-5-8