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Zoca Lotion -Sun-Soothing Salve (Cooling)


A blend of peppermint, geranium, and lavender to help soothe and repair dry or burned skin. This is a rich, oil-based salve that helps to cool burns of many types. This can also be used as a daily moisturizer with a bright natural scent of geranium and peppermint. A little bit of this salve goes a long way.

Ingredients: Jojoba Seed Oil*, Borage Seed Oil* (18% GLA), Avocado Oil*, Beeswax*, Shea Butter**, Vitamin E Oil***, Rosehip Oil*, Raspberry Seed Oil, Geranium Oil*, Peppermint Oil*, Carrot Seed Oil*, Lavender Flower*, Chamomile Flower*, Calendula Flower*, Kapoor Tulsi Basil Leaf*.
*Organic, **Fair Trade Organic, ***Non-GMO

Cruelty Free.
3.FL OZ (approx. 89 ml)

Zoca Lotion is a California and New York -based sun protection and skincare company conceived by founder Emily Seager. Seager wanted to create effective quality sunscreens and skincare that were safe for the environment, and nourishing for skin.

"Zoca Lotion is dedicated to making plant-based products using organic cold-pressed, nutrient-rich ingredients that are ethically sourced. We believe that it is our responsibility to do our best to protect the ocean from chemical and physical pollutants and we are always working to find the most environmentally-responsible packaging available. "